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Epectase #1

Projet Evasions proudly presents the first issue of the erotic magazine Epectase. The magazine Epectase was born from the desire to bring together different approaches, reflections and visions around eroticism. A wild eroticism that cannot be enclosed in norms, labels or moral judgements. An eroticism that attempts to emancipate itself from oppressive patterns and positions of authority. This first edition is bilingual German-French. Distribution The magazine can be downloaded as PDF or ordered in printed form from evasions@riseup.net It is also possible to order several of them to deposit at bookshops, infoshops and cafés. The distribution is based on donations. Participation Are you interested in participating in the Number 2 Epectase Project? Contributions can take all kinds of forms (photographs, drawings, texts, poems, collages) and deal with all kinds of subjects (fantasies, reflections, testimonies of lived experiences, fictions, photo novels, quizzes, interviews, etc.). The common denominator: that the subject of eroticism is touched from near or far. The texts can be written in any language. The deadline for sending contributions is 30.09.2020. The contributions can be sent to evasions@riseup.net until 30.09.20. Projet Evasions The Projet Evasions is an individual and informal initiative to create and disseminate themes such as eroticism and sexuality, games and subversion or anarchism and revolt. It is an initiative that tries to base itself on free practices and not on a commercial logic. Any participation in the translation and distribution of our works is welcome.

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Revolt 2019 – Book and exhibition

The Brochure and the exhibition presented here, exists only in French and German. Any help in translating it into another language is welcome 🙂 “The depth of the crises and the inhumanity of capitalism urge people on the streets of the whole world to resist poverty and oppression. We need solidarity actions to connect the working, feminist, anti-racist and ecological struggles of the countries where we live with those in the Middle East, North Africa, China, Chile, Haiti and beyond. Iranian Progressives in Translation. 2019 was a year with a great number of social revolts in different corners of the world. “Revolt 2019” summarizes these different experiences in a booklet and an exhibition to give them more visibility. Booklet Colour Booklet, 40 pages, format A5, with a picture and a quotation for each of the 17 listed uprisings. Includes a list of the website addresses from which the quotations are taken to allow a deeper insight immersion into the various contexts. You can download the “french version” and the “german version ” here   Exhibition The exhibition accompanying the booklet consists of 4 laminated posters in A1 format, which also contain quotations and pictures. It can be exhibited together with the brochure in collective places, cafĂ©s, etc. For each language (French and German), 4 exhibitions are circulated simultaneously. Distribution Brochure and exhibitions can be ordered together or separately. The brochures are distributed at a free price (prix libre). They can be ordered here : evasions(at)riseup.net They are also available in a digital PDF version.

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Role playing against the prison nightmare

One way to break the isolation in prison. Prison As the tip of the iceberg of punitive and authoritarian morality of the existing power structures, the prison-system encompasses a large spectrum of oppression. The state deprives prisoners of their physical freedom, their ability to determine the use of their time and environment, and their social environment. Prison aims at isolation and thus at breaking social, family, affinity, and love relationship. There are several ways to show solidarity from outside with those who are imprisoned: By supporting the struggles waged by prisoners, by taking their demands to the outside world and giving them a resonance. By opposing the logic of authoritarian justice in our daily lives. By blocking and sabotaging the proper functioning of judicial mechanisms and institutions, but also by considering, presenting and developing alternative approaches to conflicts that are not based on state justice 1 By breaking through the social isolation of the prisoners by visiting and write to them. Isolation is one of the most violent aspects of prison. Isolation from the social environment, from the world that continues to develop outside and from social bonds that are a source of renewal of ideas, creativity, imagination, etc. And it is precisely at this last point that the issue that interests us today comes into play: epistolary role-playing games. Epistolary role play It is a written form of role-playing game in which the characters being played exchange letters that move the game forward. In letter-writing games, we not only created a fiction together by exchanging letters, but we also play together in a creative way. The letter is included as an object in the history of the game. Each scenario and each epistolary game has its own justification for the reason why the people who are played send...

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Insurrection is Not a Game

Play, Resistance, and Designing the Game “Bloc by Bloc” Originally published by crimethinc What is an anarchist game? Is it a game that promotes anarchist values? A game that depicts anarchist activities? A game that subverts and destabilizes power structures? What can gaming theory teach anarchists—and what can anarchists teach through games? To explore these and other questions, we conducted the following interview with TL, game designer and artist of Bloc by Bloc: The Insurrection Game. Why do you think creative activity is important for anarchists? Creative resistance is one of the essential elements of a thriving anarchist movement. Play and imagination allow for the kind of experimentation that can reveal cracks in the systems of control. Anarchists need to be able to imagine other worlds and other forms of life in order to position their activities in opposition to this one. When creativity is allowed to flourish in anarchist spaces, it’s easier to neutralize stifling and toxic modes of social organization. Is Bloc by Bloc just a form of entertainment? Or are there other dimensions to the project and what you hope it will accomplish in the world? Bloc by Bloc is a tabletop game that simulates the urban rebellions that we have seen in cities around the world over the past 10 or 15 years. The goal of this project is to produce a fun and educational gaming experience. I don’t want to pretend this is anything more than that. That’s one of the reasons the graphics in Bloc by Bloc are playful, reminiscent of colorful cartoons. It’s important that we don’t take the project too seriously or overstate its political impact. That would be misleading and disrespectful to everyone who has been out there in the streets in real struggles that have real consequences. But games...

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